Hilversum has a large population of digital creatives. They create digital experiences. From games to interactive technology, from the latest apps to innovative digital solutions and from responsive websites to virtual applications for on-trend brands and broadcasting agencies. It means innovative media companies, such as MediaMonks and NEP Netherlands, which develop the latest digital technologies. Augmented reality. Serious games. Hilversum’s contemporary entrepreneurs are in the business of shaping the digital future.

Hilversum is a hub for developers of digital products and services. New initiatives are created for ambitious entrepreneurs to meet each other. Digital agencies pave the way for the future with new apps, interactive games, virtual and augmented reality, and many other technologies. They are eager to experiment and play with codes, data, and technology. With this we achieve fame on a global level.

Makers in the spotlight

Quadia | Amnon

As the son of a director, Amnon Bolle seemed predestined for a career in media. So when he finished school and had no idea what he wanted to do, he decided to take a year out and find work in the industry. He landed a job as a video editor and soon discovered that video fuelled his creative spirit. He hasn’t looked back since, and currently works as a creative director at Quadia, the leading Dutch online video production company for the corporate market.

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Elastique | Sander & Danny

As something of a creative dream team, Sander Oskamp and Danny Brugman complement each other perfectly: Sander as the company’s founder and creative director, and Danny as its business developer. Together, they make up the creative core of Elastique, a digital company specialised in developing business-critical and complex digital solutions.

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  • Werf 35

    Werf35 is a creative hub populated by both start-ups and more established businesses, artists, and creatives. It is a place where young entrepreneurs and small creative companies maintain their offices.

    Werf 35
  • H-Park

    H-Park will be Hilversum’s bustling new residential and business complex. A place full of creative energy and history. It is suited both for independent contractors and for larger companies.

  • Digitale infrastructuur

    In Hilversum you can reach 80% of European customers within just 50 milliseconds. Thanks to AMSIX, the largest internet hub between Europe and the US. Along with the LoRa data network and the open glass-fiber network.

  • Mediavalley

    Hilversum is right at the heart of the Media Valley: an exceptional concentration of media companies which runs from Amsterdam to Utrecht.


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