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Hilversum is a creative economy. Our city has been the media capital of the Netherlands for many years. The media industry remains a powerhouse in our city today, embracing some of the most sophisticated technologies around and fuelled by digital innovation and creativity. The latest news, hottest websites, games, and digital applications are all conceived, created, and aired here. Creating is what we do: we are set designers, architects, graphic designers, web designers, podcasters, showrunners, musicians and digital creatives. Dutch broadcasting history began right here, in our city. We continue to shape the future of the creative digital industry and media: national and international.

Creative makers

  • Media

    Hilversum is the heart of the Dutch Mediavalley. This is where media are conceived and created. Homebase of well-known national broadcasters such as BNNVARA, TALPA and RTL. 

  • Digital

    Hilversum has a strong presence of digital creatives. Makers of digital experiences, ranging from games to the latest apps. From responsive websites to virtual applications voor hot brands and broadcasting agencies. 

  • Sound

    Hilversum boasts a large music entertainment industry. We compose and produce music and distribute it worldwide. The sound of orchestras, artists and young talents starts here. We invite you to discover the city’s many sounds.

  • Design

    Graphic designers, visual artists, product developers, and brand developers, working on every possible scale. In Hilversum you will find them. From small agencies to global market leaders.


Hilversum in the spotlight

In the spotlight

From start-up, scale-up, to a large multinational. You are welcome in Hilversum. We got it all. From opportunities for growth and development and new initiatives to the most state-of-the-art workspaces.


The Wisseloord complex is a musical haven of pure sound. This is where it’s all happening: where numerous Dutch and international artist compose, write and record their music.

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Muziekcentrum van de Omroep

This is is Hilversum’s dynamic musical centre. It has a long and illustrious history as the first-ever radio recording studio in the Netherlands. For many years, it has been the home base of the Metropole Orchestra and more.

Meer over Muziekcentrum van de Omroep

Media Park

Media Park is a unique creative hub, accommodating 125 media companies and employing 6,000 people. This is the birthplace of creative concepts and technological solutions, which are distributed all over the world in a growing variety of new formats.

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Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

This institute boasts Europe’s largest audio-visual archive. It is a leading international expertise centre for media culture and audio-visual archiving, from conservation through to experimentation with new technologies.

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Hilversum is known for its stunning corporate villas: stylish buildings which boost entrepreneurs’ creativity through their look and feel. Fun detail: some buildings still contain nods to the broadcasters who previously occupied the building.

Meer over Kantoorvilla

De Grossierderij

De Grossierderij accommodates creative companies and independent contractors. It unites people who support and strengthen each other, ranging from interior designers to animation companies.

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De Melkfabriek

An iconic place in Hilversum. It was originally built by the United Gooise Milk Companies. The site currently serves as a meeting place for not only creative entrepreneurs, but also for residents.

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H-Park will be Hilversum’s bustling new residential and business complex. A place full of creative energy and history. It is suited both for independent contractors and for larger companies.

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Werf35 is a creative hub populated by both start-ups and more established businesses, artists, and creatives. It is a place where young entrepreneurs and small creative companies maintain their offices.

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Want to go for a run on the athletic track after work? This is the place to do it! In addition to fabulous sporting facilities and educational facilities the park also serves as the largest business park in the Gooi en Vechtstreek area.

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The Bergweg is the sound area of ​​Hilversum. The place where the radio studios make their daily broadcasts. From Radio 538 to Sky Radio. Sonos also has its European headquarters here.

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