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Hilversum welcomes new businesses with open arms. We are happy to provide advice and share recommendations. Our city offers a unique business climate due to its strong concentration of creative, technology, and media companies. You will find a valuable network literally around the corner. There are also many organisations that advise businesses in the city and at regional level.


  • Expat Centre IN Amsterdam

    Haven’t got your bearings yet in the city? The experts at the expat centre will support you with information about housing, education, opportunities for development, and more.

    Expat Centre IN Amsterdam
  • Entrepreneurs desk

    The entrepreneurs desk of Hilversum guides and advises (starting) entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurs desk
  • WSP


    The platform for employers about inclusive employment.

  • Growth Matters

    Connects start-ups and scale-ups.

    Growth Matters
  • StartupUtrecht

    StartupUtrecht helps startups and scale-ups with access to funds, companies and talent.



  • Institute for Sound and Vision

    A leading international expertise centre for media culture and audio-visual archiving, ranging from digitisation, conservation, metadata through to experimentation with the latest technologies.

    Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Media Perspectives

    An innovation platform for media companies and professionals. Guides media companies and media professionals through this digital transformation.

    Media Perspectives
  • MBO College Hilversum

    MBO College Hilversum is a school with courses in 15 sectors, such as Media, where craftsmanship, atmosphere and attention to the student are important.

    MBO College Hilversum
  • Make IT Work

    Make IT Work retrains highly educated people without a specific IT background to an IT position where they start working immediately. 

    Make IT Work


  • BV Hilversum

    Entrepreneurial association that inspires, informs and supports companies in Hilversum.

    BV Hilversum
  • Hilversum centre

    Hilversum centre
  • Stadsfonds

    A foundation by local entrepreneurs and social organizations who make the city more commercially, culturally and socially attractive.



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