This is where you enter tomorrow’s world and step inside the world of media. Various media are conceived and created here every day. Well-known national broadcasters such as BNNVARA, TALPA, and RTL all maintain their studios here. This is the creative centre of Hilversum and the media hub of the Netherlands. This is where TV programmes are brought to life. From Spuiten en Slikken to international formats such as Big Brother and The Voice, Hilversum has been the hot spot of the digital media industry for a century, ranging from large broadcasting companies to communications experts and start-ups offering innovative digital technologies: you will find them all right here.

Makers in the spotlight


Because her parents warned her she would never be able to make a living in a creative field, Gwen enrolled in a nursing programme. But when a promotional video posted on the Facebook page of the BNNVARA Academy rekindled her creative spirit, she decided to sign up, and was accepted. She currently works as a camera journalist for the TV show Spuiten & Slikken, which airs on Dutch public television. And her media career is only just getting started...

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NEP | Gerben

Former gaming industry professional Gerben Pasjes joined TV tech company NEP The Netherlands a year ago. Whereas many have predicted the demise of traditional media, Gerben sees a world of opportunities in this field. Gerben and his team are using augmented reality to develop entire digital studios and sets for TV formats worldwide.

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  • Media Park

    Media Park is a unique creative hub, accommodating 125 media companies and employing 6,000 people. This is the birthplace of creative concepts and technological solutions, which are distributed all over the world.

    Media Park
  • M Media building

    Homebase for the media-minded. M is a melting pot of people, companies and services with media in their DNA. Together, they are the heart of Hilversum’s new media world. 

    M Media building
  • Institute for Sound and Vision

    This institute boasts Europe’s largest audio-visual archive. It is a leading international expertise centre for media culture and audio-visual archiving, from conservation through to experimentation with new technologies.

    Institute for Sound and Vision
  • Mediavalley

    Hilversum is right at the heart of the Media Valley: an exceptional concentration of media companies which runs from Amsterdam to Utrecht.

  • Media Perspectives

    This innovation platform for media companies and professionals unites business, knowledge, and talent for a stronger media sector. It puts media transformation on the agenda, and keeps a close eye on the latest trends.

    Media Perspectives
  • Dutch Media Week

    Annual festival for media consumers and media creators: from knowledge-sharing on media innovations to a look behind the scenes at the Open Studio Days.

    Dutch Media Week

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