Creativity takes shape in the hands of Hilversum-based designers. Whether you’re talking about consumer goods in the fashion industry, unique architecture, tempting advertising, or inspired designs for cool brands, Hilversum offers opportunities for a wide variety of designers including both large companies such as Nike and IFF and small, independent graphic designers and other gifted creatives.

As a city bursting with creativity and originality, Hilversum is the birthplace of numerous new formats. The iconic images created here are disseminated all over the world. The seemingly mundane takes an unexpected turn in the hands of our resourceful professionals. Whether it’s about branding, web design, product development, or original campaigns. There is room for everyone. This is how we keep coming up with new ideas and stay ahead in our field.

Makers in the spotlight

Ricardo Moya

Ricardo Moya is of Spanish nationality, but is completely at home in the Netherlands. He has traveled all over the world through his work as a perfumer. He has been living in Hilversum, where he works as a Senior Perfumer at IFF, International Flavors & Fragrances, for 10 years. “This profession is all about passion and as I see it, a bit of luck. I have worked all over the world and now, at 52, I have my dream job. I have the privilege of working with people all over the world, while living in Hilversum and creating for IFF”.

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Rik Oostenbroek

Born and raised in Hilversum (and, for the record, still residing in the southern part of that city), Rik Oostenbroek finds it tricky to describe himself, being a man of many talents. His bread and butter is digital creation, and the elements he tends to look for are colour, composition and a certain level of abstraction. His work ranges from print to animation, from 2D to 3D and from portraiture to typography. ‘Do I consider myself an artist or a designer? As far as I’m concerned, I’m simply Rik.’

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Karres & Brands | Sylvia

Having been born in Hilversum and raised in the nearby village of Kortenhoef, Sylvia Karres retains strong ties to this part of the country. Since 1997, she and her business partner Bart Brands have been managing the international design firm Karres & Brands, which specialises in landscape architecture and urban design. Based in the former municipal workshop buildings at Hilversum’s Werf 35 creative space for start-ups and other businesses, their office is designed in a minimalist style, with high ceilings, an open-plan layout and a workshop littered with tools and materials – known at the company as the ‘playground’ – where their designs are transformed into models.


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  • Arenapark

    Want to go for a run on the athletic track after work? This is the place to do it! In addition to fabulous sporting facilities and educational facilities the park also serves as the largest business park in the Gooi en Vechtstreek area.

  • De Grossierderij

    De Grossierderij accommodates creative companies and independent contractors. It unites people who support and strengthen each other, ranging from interior designers to animation companies.

    De Grossierderij

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