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Reaubeau | Rob

The studio owned by Rob Jager, whose stage name is ReauBeau, is a music lover’s temple. ReauBeau lives and breathes music 24/7. Having just returned from an inspirational visit to Tokyo, he’s on deadline to complete a new track this evening.

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Rik Oostenbroek

Born and raised in Hilversum, Rik Oostenbroek finds it tricky to describe himself, being a man of many talents. His work ranges from print to animation, from 2D to 3D and from portraiture to typography. Artist or designer? I’m simply Rik.

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Warner Music | Martin

Martin Jessurun’s father always wanted him to be a doctor, but he was drawn more to the music industry. Nowadays as president of Warner Music Benelux, he oversees an impressive roster of Dutch and international recording artists.

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NEP | Gerben

Former gaming industry professional Gerben joined TV tech company NEP The Netherlands a year ago. Gerben and his team are using augmented reality to develop entire digital studios and sets for TV formats worldwide.

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When a promotional video of the BNNVARA Academy rekindled her creative spirit, Gwen decided to sign up, and was accepted. She currently works as a camjo for the TV Show Spuiten & Slikken. And her media career is only just getting started...

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Quadia | Amnon

As a son of a director, Amnon Bolle seemed predestined for a career in media. He soon discovered that video fuelled his creative spirit. He hasn’t looked back since, and currently works as creative director at Quadia, a leading online video company.

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